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Frequently Asked Questions about AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

Is this course just about building Amazon affiliate sites?

Yes. The core focus of this course is to teach you how to build and grow a site monetized with the Amazon's associate program from scratch.

But ​the knowledge you gained can be used to grow any type of site as well.

We chose Amazon's associate program because it's fairly easy to get started with for most people.

​But we're not saying it's the only monetization method or affiliate network that you can use.

What we're recommending is to focus on the Amazon associate program intensively for the first year or so to get your traffic and earnings to a sustainable level, then you can start diversifying.

Diversification is good, but if you try to diversify too soon you'll lose focus and get nowhere.

What exactly do I get inside the course?

You'll get access to the 8 core modules with over 100+ high quality video lessons covering everything you need to know to build a profitable Amazon affiliate site from scratch.

There are worksheets, checklists and workbooks for each and every lesson you learn.​

And we'll also give you step-by-step action plans at each and every step to eliminate all confusion and guesswork.

Plus, you'll get access​ to the private forum and live chat support system where you can get direct feedback from the AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp team and other people in the community.

Lastly, there are several members only resources, perks and discounts that are super valuable.

How long does it take to complete the entire course?

The full course will be delivered on your first day. There's no drip feed.

However, in order to fully implement what you learn and get the most value out of the course, it would take 5 - 6 months at least. This course is not designed to move you quickly through the content and be forgotten.​

So just learn and take action at your own pace because you have LIFETIME access. You'll receive all future updates as well.​

What if I’m a complete newbie? Can I succeed with this?​

Definitely. This course was created with you in mind. It breaks down complicated process into bite-sized steps that’s very easy to follow - even for beginners.

Plus, we'll also be offering ongoing support and guidance through the private forum and live chat system to help you make the most out of the program.​

I'm in an extremely desperate financial situation and need a way to pay bills fast. Should I join your course?

No. You shouldn't. 

As much as we appreciate your interest to join our course, we have to honestly say that building sites or starting any type of business is risky (but also with BIG reward).

So if you need a quick way to make ends meet, we highly recommend you to either look for some type of freelancing gigs or just work extra hours or find a better paying job.

Once you're financially ready, then you can join.

How much money am I going to make after going through the course?​

Tough question.

Although the goal of the course is to teach you everything you need to build a site that makes $1000 - $2000 a month, the results may vary from one person to another.

Some will earn a lot more. Some will earn a few hundreds a month, while some may earn nothing at all. It all depends on you.

But We can guarantee that if you’re willing to put in the hard work and follow what we teach, you’ll be sure to make money.

Remember that you’re building a long-term sellable asset which can be sold for 20 - 25 times worth its monthly earnings.

That means that even if you’re only able to build a site that makes only $300 a month, you could still sell it for $6000 - $7500.

That doesn’t sound bad at all!​

How much money do I need to invest to build a profitable site?

Between $500 and $3,500 depending on how much work do you want to do yourself. We break down your 3 budget options and month-by-month plan in the video below:

Do I need to buy any expensive tools once I join?

There are 2 key paid tools that we're gonna use for keyword research: KWFinder and Ahrefs

However, We have negotiated with them great free trial deals for you inside the course which give you enough time to do your homework.

But of course you can pay to keep using the tools if you want to.

How much work per day is required to grow a site to $1000 - $2000 per month?

It depends on your budget. The more money you're willing to invest, the less work you have to do. We talk about this in the Amazon affiliate roadmap video above.

What does the member’s area look like?​

Check out this walkthrough video​:

Do you offer any support?

Yes. We'll be active on the private forum and live chat system to help you.

This is a coaching program after all so amazing support would be the main focus.​

Do you have payment plan?

Unfortunately, at the moment we don't offer payment plan.​

What if I buy and want a refund?

Please join this course only if you intend to take action and do your homework.

Strictly no refund will be given under any circumstances if you fail to show that you completed your homework for the 5 core modules without getting any kind of results in return.

I believe in The AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp System so strongly that if you do everything in your power and follow all the steps, but still don't get results, I will refund you every single cent and PERSONALLY coach you to your first $1,000 monthly - FREE

There's just 3 criteria to claim this generous guarantee, because we both deserve to work with committed people.

  1. You followed the instructions of the AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp to the letter, implementing every single step.
  2. You keep a journal of your progress and the work you've done, and what results you got.
  3. You've reached out and asked for help at least 3 times by posting questions on our private community forum.

If you do all this, and don't see any results...

I'll refund you every single cent, and PERSONALLY coach you to your first $1000 monthly with your Amazon affiliate website.

I’m doing this because I’m 100% committed to your success and I hope you're committed too.

Join our program, take action and you’ll achieve success... guaranteed!